Stony is an artist with many interests. As a classically trained goldsmith, enthusiastic graffiti artist, and meticulous tattoo artist, he combines traditional crafts with urban art.

Since 2021, he has also ventured into the field of artificial intelligence, working as a beta tester at the forefront of this technology. In collaboration with the team at the Landesgalerie and ‘Ghost in a Box’, he is a pioneer in the digital and NFT art scene in Burgenland. His art is characterized by the use of mixed techniques that combine gold leaf and graffiti, creating a fascinating fusion of classic craftsmanship and modern technology.

His NFT art project ‘Phantom’s Shadow Vault’ is another milestone on his artistic journey, reflecting his insatiable curiosity and creative drive. Stony’s philosophy is reflected in his desire to study life in all its forms—from the jungle to the metaverse, and from peace to war.

For him, art is limitless; it can be everything or nothing. He values the present, a time of change, where possibilities seem endless. These remarkable achievements also include recognition by the impressive international art community, underscored by two invitations to the USA to exhibit his works at the legendary Beeple Studios. There, he had the honor of presenting his pieces—once during “CRYPTO WINTER WONDERLAND” and another time at “AI-OVERLORDS, DIGITAL DEATHMATCH”.