Ghost in a Box

Welcome to the world of Ghost in a Box, a digital artist from Austria who combines digital photo manipulation with technologies such as coding, AI, metaverse, and blockchain. His background spans two decades in areas like coding, digital photography, and machine learning, allowing him to integrate these disciplines into his artwork. Ghost in a Box’s creations challenge traditional art norms and encourage viewers to consider what defines an ‘original’ piece of art.

His work is a thoughtful fusion of analog and digital elements, blending old and new to create art that transcends specific categories. This approach not only makes his pieces unique but also promotes a deeper appreciation of how traditional and contemporary forms can coexist.

In recent years, Ghost has explored the metaverse, designing immersive experiences that enhance the way audiences interact with art. By incorporating blockchain, he ensures his digital pieces are authentic, limited, and secure, adding a new layer to art collection.

Join Ghost in a Box on a journey through art and technology, where coding, AI, and creativity meet to redefine the boundaries of art.

Coding, Digital Art, AI Art, Generative Art, Metaverse, NFTs, Virtual Reality, Large format print, Phygitals, Blockchain

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