About the PAnnonians

Welcome to The Pannonians, a unique artist collective located in the heart of Burgenland, Austria. Our group is inspired by a playful narrative: we’re like extraterrestrial beings who’ve landed in Pannonia, bringing with us new artistic directions to share with the world. This concept is encapsulated in a style we call the “Pannonian Cut.”

Our work features different types of art, which we merge with modern digital technologies. This approach allows us to create art that bridges the physical and digital realms, fostering a dialogue between different artistic mediums and eras. We are a diverse group of artists, each bringing their unique skills and perspectives to the table. We value the process of learning from one another, and our collaborative environment is central to our creative output.

At the heart of the Pannonian Cut is the idea of transformation and evolution in art. We believe in the continuous development of our craft, where old methods give way to new techniques and ideas. This process is reflective of the natural growth and change inherent in artistic expression. Through our journey, we aim to bring a fresh perspective to the art world, marked by a blend of tradition and innovation. Join us in celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Pannonia and the exciting possibilities of digital art.

The Pannonian Cut

The Pannonian Cut is a unique blend of traditional, hands-on art and modern digital art, inspired by the art of trimming grapevines and the culture of Pannonia.

This style is all about skillfully combining old art methods with new digital forms like AI art, NFTs, and pixel art. The ‘Cut’ represents change and growth, like new branches growing from a vine, bringing fresh and creative ideas to life.

In this style, we create mixed artworks that are influenced by Pannonian stories and symbols, and we use new digital technologies in our art-making. We smoothly mix real-life and digital art, letting old and new ways of creating art come together and talk to each other across different times.

At its heart, the Pannonian Cut is about constantly making new art by creatively mixing the old with the new, tradition with innovation, and nature with technology. We always keep a connection to Pannonian culture and nature. This way of making art connects the well-known past with the endless new possibilities of digital art, letting us exchange ideas across different cultures and types of media.