Nissla is at the forefront of Austria’s NFT and Metaverse movement, co-founding the artist collective CryptoWiener, which focuses on Pixelart and AI art. He has carved out a niche in creating digital and tangible pixel art, alongside artworks generated through artificial intelligence. As a pioneer in the local scene, Nissla’s work bridges traditional artistic methods with the digital age’s possibilities. By specializing in Pixelart, he brings a retro aesthetic into the modern era, merging it with cutting-edge AI and generative art-techniques to produce unique and compelling pieces. His involvement in CryptoWiener has not only contributed to the collective’s success but also played a significant role in promoting the integration of technology and art within the Austrian creative community. Through his work, Nissla demonstrates how new technologies like NFTs and the Metaverse can offer artists innovative platforms for expression and engagement, pushing the boundaries of how art is created, viewed, and owned.

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