Mathias Kniepeiss

In his art, Mathias combines the essence of creativity and craftsmanship, paired with innovative approaches and modern technologies such as AI, photography, digital painting, and the fusion of various technological elements. With an impressionistic view of the world, he creates paintings in which the compositions consist not only of colors and shapes but also of emotions and moods.

Mathias’s artistic process is a fusion of tradition and innovation. He draws on proven craft techniques to create a solid foundation on which to build his creative vision. At the same time, he enjoys experimenting with new technologies and digital tools, including AI and digital painting, to express his art in a contemporary way. Image composition is of central importance to him. By skillfully arranging elements, he directs the viewer’s gaze and creates a dynamic visual experience. The focus is not only on what is recognizable at first glance, but also on the subtle nuances and atmosphere that characterize each image.

Mathias’s works offer space for individual interpretation. They invite viewers to bring in their own thoughts and feelings, creating a personal connection. The viewer is offered an experience that appeals to their senses and inspires their imagination. In a world often characterized by quick answers and superficial impressions, Mathias aims to create a countermovement with his art. He encourages people to pause, take a closer look, and engage with their own perception. Ultimately, the beauty and meaning of a work of art lies in the eye of the beholder, and Mathias’s art seeks to sharpen and deepen this view.


2024 – HütteLaw Zürich
2019 – Anima Mundi Festival Venice
2019 – Ca´Sagredo Hotel Venice
2018 – ChaShaMa WTC New York
2016 – Hotel Hyatt Vienna
2015 – Lishui Kunstfestival China
2015 – Art Basel Miami


2024 – International Visionography Gold award
2023 – London International Creative award
2022 – New York Photography Gold awards
2022 – Monovisions Abstract Gold award
2021 – FEP Golden Camera & 9 awards
2021 – Color Awards San Francisco
2020 – One Eyeland Photographer of the year award
2019 – Art Biennale Venice gold award
2017 – PX3 Paris award
2015 – China International art gold award
2013 – Art Basel Miami young artist of the year award


Digital Art, AI Art, Digital Painting, Generative Art, NFTs, Photography, Fine Art prints, Art commissions


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