Have you ever wondered what it would be like to converse with a person from the past? Michael Szivatz has turned this curiosity into reality by creating a 3D-printed head of Joseph Haydn, one of the most celebrated composers of the classical period. This isn’t just any replica; it’s an interactive, AI-powered artifact that allows you to engage in conversations with the maestro himself.

Michael used 3D printing technology to construct a physical likeness of Haydn, paying attention to historical portraits to get the details just right. Then, by integrating AI, he enabled the head to engage in conversation, drawing on a wide range of information about Haydn’s life, his music, and the era he lived in.

This AI-enabled head is not just about novelty. It’s an educational tool, a conversation starter, and a way to make history feel a bit more accessible. Users can ask questions about Haydn’s compositions, learn about 18th-century culture, or even get the composer’s “opinions” on modern developments in music.

Michael’s project is a straightforward yet innovative way to explore historical figures and their impact. It’s meant for anyone with an interest in classical music, history, or technology. The project demonstrates how modern tech can offer new perspectives on the past, making it more engaging and interactive.

For those interested in the intersection of past and present, technology and history, Michael’s 3D-printed Haydn head offers a modest yet fascinating window into what conversations with the past could look like.